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   Brigg, North Lincolnshire

PLEASE NOTE: I am off on maternity leave from the 3rd of June, 2019.....................

Stephanie Curle graduated from the University of Lincoln with a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. Stephanie is a member of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK (ATCM), which is the largest regulatory body, in the UK, for the practice of traditional acupuncture.


What can Acupuncture do for me?

Some people choose acupuncture for help with a specific symptom or condition. Others choose to have treatment to help maintain good health, as a preventative measure, or to improve their general sense of well-being. Because traditional acupuncture aims to treat the whole person rather than a specific symptom, it can be effective for a range of  physical, mental and/or emotional conditions.

"I was diagnosed with Bell's palsy for the first time following the birth of my second child. After reading how acupuncture can be beneficial for Bell's palsy, I quickly followed it up and got recommended to Stephanie through another acupuncturist. I was very nervous the first time as I've never had acupuncture before and have a bad needle phobia. Plus I had my newborn baby with me. However, Stephanie's warm welcoming and friendly manner soon put me at ease and made me forget about my needle phobia that I booked a second and third treatment. On my third treatment I could really feel the acupuncture really helping my face that when I woke up the next day it felt less restricted and soon it wasn't long until my face got back to normal. I really do believe acupuncture (along with aftercare advice) really has speeded up my recovery with bells Palsy and can't thank and highly recommend Stephanie enough. :)"

IA Brigg

"I have recently undertaken a course of Acupuncture treatments with Stephanie.

Following a thoroughly professional & detailed discussion of my medical history, Stephanie outlined the areas I would benefit from Acupuncture for Menopause symptoms, hot flushes, Depression & lack of energy. Stephanie was always very welcoming, and her treatments were always delivered with great care.

Ensuring the client is comfortable at all times is something Stephanie is passionate about. Despite not liking needles I managed to deal with this by not watching and they are very fine,

so I didn't have any problems at all.

Stephanie successfully managed to stop the hot flushes and after each treatment I was left feeling very relaxed, able to sleep better and ready to face the world again! Stephanie gently gathered my medical history and personal details with great care and delivered great pain free treatments at all times.


Stephanie is an amazingly, talented, caring lady and very passionate about Acupuncture, it's great benefits for a long list of conditions and ailments and her clients''.



Thank you so much Stephanie,



AH Lincoln

"Finding Stephanie is the best thing I have done. I have had chronic pain from autoimmune diseases for 11 years. She has taken everything into account and made a huge difference to me, my pain levels are reduced, I have more energy than I have had since becoming ill and as different problems appear she deals with them straight away so they never get time to become long term. I don’t have to take as many pain killers anymore. I always look forward to my sessions with Stephanie. 

Stephanie is professional, friendly, easy to talk to and a good listener.

I highly recommend her and the treatment she provides".

TM Broughton

"After an unsuccessful first round of IVF I decided to try acupuncture before starting my second go. Thankfully my search for a friendly and professional acupuncturist in North Lincolnshire led me to Stephanie. I had numerous treatments starting a few weeks before my second cycle and finishing the day of egg transfer, for which Stephanie even came round to my house in order that I could relax and not have to travel anywhere. I can honestly say that the whole experience was both relaxing and uplifting. Stephanie was marvelous from start to finish. She took a genuine interest in my situation, made me feel immediately at ease and genuinely cared about me. As for the success for the treatment...I am now 16 weeks pregnant with much much wanted twins and will be forever grateful for the help and support that Stephanie provided."

RG  Laughton

"Steph is so professional, courteous, caring and has helped me to stop being a hunter gatherer of food late at night. Using her skills she has curbed my hunger cravings, subdued them to a level where I am in control. Thank you so much".

JH Ulceby


"Before being referred to Stephanie, I suffered debilitating migraines twice a week. They stopped me from living my life and playing with my 2 year old son. In the past 6 months that I've been seeing Stephanie, I have had 3 manageable headaches, which in comparison is akin to being cured. She makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable and I find myself really looking forward to our sessions. For someone so knowledgeable and capable of working magic, she is very approachable and humble about her skills. I find I want to shout her praises from the rooftops."

TA Brigg

"All I can say is that Stephanie is absolutely amazing! I was very down when I came to her after having fertility and hormone issues and having suffered a miscarriage. With her kind, empathetic manner and her great knowledge of acupuncture she really helped my body to get back in sync and helped me feel less anxious and stressed.

My periods came back my body healed and I'm now 14 weeks pregnant and we are so happy! I continue to have monthly treatments as I feel they help me feel relaxed and are beneficial to my pregnancy. Thank you Steph

with all my heart."

RM Ulceby

"I came to see Stephanie as I was suffering with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (Severe Morning Sickness).  I was 9 weeks pregnant when I went to see Stephanie and Acupuncture was literally the last thing for me to try.  After my first session with Stephanie I was able to eat something and drink water, which had been impossible for me for the previous two weeks.  In total I had three sessions over a week and I have not been sick since before my first visit.  Stephanie is very professional, caring, easy to talk to and was a pleasure to meet.  Stephanie has helped me be able to start enjoying my pregnancy and I can’t thank her enough.  I will be returning for more Acupuncture with Stephanie and have been recommending her to lots of friends."

MW Grimsby

"I saw Stephanie during my IVF treatment, and was immediately thankful I did.  I'm now expecting, so her wonderful magic helped! But aside from that, her positivity, friendly support, relaxing treatment, and very enthusiastic encouragement was invaluable during this difficult time.  She really was a fantastic encouragement and great source of advice, and I can't recommend her enough! I would see her for any condition, and recommend her to family and friends."

EN Scotter

"I first went to see Stephanie for acupuncture as I was experiencing severe migraines and other hormone related problems. Stephanie was caring and professional in her approach and really put me at ease.

After the first session my migraines stopped and the other symptoms I was experiencing resolved themselves over the next few sessions.

My husband and I were also trying for a baby at the time I went for my first treatment, we had had a miscarriage earlier in the year, and when I spoke with Stephanie about this she was so helpful and supportive.

After a few months of going to see Stephanie I found that I was pregnant. In the beginning I suffered from morning sickness which was resolved with acupuncture and meant that I could get on with the everyday without having the constant sickness.

I have recommended Stephanie to my friends and family as the treatments I have had with her have had such a positive effect on me.

I am now 15 weeks pregnant and will continue to go to Stephanie for acupuncture".

JT Broughton

"Feeling sick with pain after months of suffering with tennis elbow and after being told by my GP that painkillers (which were having virtually no effect)  and ultimately cortisone injections were my only options I decided to give acupuncture, with Stephanie Curle, a try instead.

After my first session I truly felt a remarkable improvement and after just  3 or 4 more sessions, my arm was completely back to normal.

I am so grateful that I gave both Stephanie and acupuncture a try because, simply put, they really do work!!!"

Thank you so much x

Jane (Ulceby)


Telephone: 07780 631 013